Two Ways To Prevent Wasps And Hornets From Taking Up Residence

8 August 2018
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While honey bees are great and do all kinds of things like pollinate plants and create honey, not all beelike insects are great. For example, there are wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets. They are pretty much big jerks. They tend to be more aggressive than honey bees are and are much more likely to sting you. All that means that you don't want to have them hanging around your house. There are things that you can do that will help to get rid of any of the big flying jerks around your house and prevent any wasps or hornets from taking up residence. Read More 

Taking Action Against Bed Bugs: What To Do When Dealing With These Pests

2 February 2017
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Have you recently found bed bugs in your home? You may have never expected to see these pests living in your home, especially if you keep each room as clean as possible. However, many people do not realize that bed bugs will find places to live in cluttered homes as well as clean and spotless homes because they are only attracted to blood and have no interest in leftover food crumbs or garbage. Read More 

Fight Mice By Blocking Off Their Route into Your Home

27 October 2016
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If you have a problem with mice getting into your home, you need to cut off their access to your home. Mice sneak into your home through small openings that you probably don't even notice. One of the best ways to stop the mice problem in your home is by sealing up the holes inside of your home so that mice can no longer gain easy access to your home. Read More 

Three Pest Control And Prevention Tips

19 October 2016
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Insects can be a serious problem for homeowners to have to address. In addition to the nuisances that they can cause, these pests can also cause injuries, spread disease, and damage your property. Sadly, it can be common for homeowners to lack much of the awareness or information needed to successfully reduce these pests. To help you with this task, you will want to be mindful of the following pest prevention tips. Read More 

How To Rid Your Home Of Dust Mites

26 July 2016
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Dust mites are annoying little critters that can cause a major headache in your home. Not only can these pests have a detrimental effect on your sleep by constantly biting, dust mites can also trigger a range of allergic reactions such as itching, nasal congestion and breathing difficulties. Because they can breed in virtually any location where dust accumulates, dust mites can be very difficult to eliminate. Calling in a pest control service to exterminate them would probably be the best strategy to get rid of dust mites. Read More