Getting And Keeping Spiders Out Of Your House

19 August 2015
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Most people cringe when they see a spider crawling up their wall. Most of these are house spiders that are used to living inside. They help control other insects in your house, but you still may not want to live with them. There is a small chance that a poisonous spider will move in and put your family and pets at risk.. Here is how to spot the different spiders that may live inside and how to persuade them to move out.

Common Spiders Found in the Home

There are several harmless spiders you could see in your home:

  • American House Spider - These spiders are yellowish-brown with dark specks on a long abdomen. They can be found in the corners of rooms, under furniture, and in closets. They prefer to build their webs in out-of-the-way places.
  • Daddy Longlegs - These insects have a light brown or gray body with no discernible body segments. They also have very long, thin legs and just two eyes. These are not true spiders, but resemble them close enough that you won't care. They can be found anywhere the American House Spider lives.
  • Domestic House Spider - With a dark orange or brown body, these are the largest of the house spiders. Whereas the previous spiders will make their webs anywhere, this spider prefers dark places like closets or basement ceilings.

Identifying Poisonous Spiders

If you think you've spotted one of these poisonous spiders, don't disturb it and call a pest control company, like Eagle Pest Eliminators. They will help you identify it over the phone and tell you how to protect yourself until someone can come out and capture the spider.

The four poisonous spiders you could see in your home include:

  • Brown recluse - This spider has a medium brown short body with a mark on its neck that looks like a violin.
  • Brown widow - This spider has a tan body with a yellow or orange mark on their abdomen that resembles an hourglass.
  • Black widow - This is a dark black spider with a red hourglass shape on the body.
  • Hobo spider - This brown spider has a light tan or yellow V-shape on their body.

Pest Control Outside - Natural Control Inside

Use a pest control service to spray outside of your house to prevent spiders from making their way into the house. Before using pesticides inside of the house, try these natural approaches to getting rid of these pests

Spray the following on door frames and window sills to prevent spiders from moving around the house:

  • Essential oils such as citrus, cinnamon and lavender.
  • Equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water.

Wipe these around windows, doorways, and baseboards to prevent spiders from weaving their webs there:

  • Furniture polish containing lemon oil.
  • Chestnut and peppermint oil.

Make a sachet of eucalyptus leaves and leave in dresser drawers, closets, and cedar chests to get spiders to move out.

If you continue to see spiders in the house after a couple of weeks of the natural remedies, you'll have to rely on a pest control company to treat your house inside, too. Once they have eradicated the spiders from your house, the treatment outside of your house and the natural treatments inside should keep these 8-legged pests from bugging you.