Roach Infestation? How They're Getting In And What To Do About It

20 August 2015
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Roaches are some of the most adaptable creatures on earth, which makes them difficult to get rid of. In addition to professional treatment, you have to locate and eliminate the source of your infestation in order to successfully eradicate the critters. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine where the bugs are coming from. This is especially true if you just moved into a place that's experiencing a full-blown invasion. Following are some surprising ways these unwanted critters can find their way into your home. 

Your Neighbors

If your neighbors have roaches, there's a good chance that you're going to have to deal with them at some point. In multi-family dwellings, roaches often live in the wall spaces between units and travel from unit to unit through the tiniest of cracks. In extreme cases of infestation, roaches may even travel from one single-family home to another, especially if they're located close together. However, roaches usually don't come across the yard unless their food source runs out. So if you've only started to notice bugs after your neighbors moved out, you might want to look to the house next door. 

Getting rid of roaches in an apartment building or multi-family dwelling is difficult. In order to eradicate all the bugs, your landlord has to treat the entire building. If the landlord treats only your unit, the roaches will likely run and hide in another unit. Once the heat dies down in your apartment, they will simply take up residence again. And unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do to stop them.

If your landlord won't treat the entire building, there are some legal avenues you can take. In addition to informing your landlord in writing about the problem, you can contact your local health department and legal aid department. 

Your Purchases

Anytime you bring something home, such as old furniture and boxed items, you run the risk of bringing home bugs. So always be sure to inspect all items for roaches and roach egg cases before bringing them in, especially if they are secondhand or purchased in a yard sale. Even if you don't see bugs, it's a good idea to clean all items with your vacuum and warm, soapy water before bringing them into your home. If you have an item that is small enough to fit, you can put it in your deep freezer to kill off any bugs.

Roaches are a nuisance, and getting rid of them might seem like an impossible task. It is possible, though, as long as you prevent new bugs from invading your home in addition to treating your home for the ones you currently have. Contact a company like Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management Services for more information.