Three Things You May Be Doing To Attract Roaches

25 August 2015
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You probably know if you allow your house to get cluttered and dirty, you have a greater risk of roaches taking over. However, you can keep your home clean and tidy and still develop a roach problem. That's because you might be doing things that attract the bugs you aren't even aware of. Here are three things that increase your risk of a roach infestation.

Soaking Dirty Dishes Overnight

When you're tired at the end of a long day, the last thing you feel like doing is scrubbing a casserole dish to get rid of stuck on food and grease. However, you should resist the urge to fill the dish with water and leave it to soak on the counter overnight. It's also a bad idea to fill your sink with dishwater and soak dirty dinner dishes overnight. The reason you don't want to do this is because it creates the perfect mixture to attract roaches. Roaches search for water and food when they come out after you go to bed. Food soaked and softened by water is the perfect meal for roaches. If you have a habit of soaking dishes all night, you put your kitchen at risk of a roach invasion. You may even notice dead roaches floating in the water when you get up the next morning.

Snacking In Front Of The Television

When you're focused on watching the television, you don't pay close attention to where food crumbs go as you munch on snacks. Your recliner or chair will probably gather crumbs if you eat things like chips or crackers. If you eat greasy foods, everything you touch, such as the arm of the couch, will pick up bits of grease and an odor that entices roaches. Kids can be particularly messy when eating in front of the TV. If snacking while watching your favorite shows is part of your family ritual, be sure you wipe up spills and smears right away. Use a hand held vacuum to pull crumbs out of the sofa cushions so there are no traces left to attract pests.

Using Mulch Close To Your House

Flowers and plants that border your house are attractive, but the mulch you use around them can attract roaches. Roaches love damp places. If you go out during the day and flip over some mulch, you're likely to see roaches scatter. Even though the bugs are outside, they can find their way inside your home at night when they are searching for food. If you go outside at night, you may see the bugs crawling around your porch or door looking for a way to get inside. The solution to this is to move plants and mulch away from your home so roaches won't live nearby. If the plants are important to your landscaping theme, then be vigilant about sealing all the tiny holes around the exterior of your home so roaches can't get inside.

Since roaches are often difficult to get rid of once they get comfortable inside your home, you should consider having regular treatments from a pest control company like Rainbow Pest Control. Periodic treatments will keep the roaches at bay, and if their numbers do start to grow, a professional can squash them out before the infestation gets too severe.