A Bakery Owner's Guide To Eliminating Flying Pests In A Pastry Showcase

26 August 2015
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When the smells wafting from your bakery are alluring to the public, they are also attractive to flying pests, and these pests will automatically be drawn to display cases where fresh food is abundant. It can sometimes seem impossible to keep these pests at bay when the doors are frequently opened to serve your patrons. To keep gnats and other flying insects out of your bakery showcases, there are a few things that you can do on your own.

Keep Your Displays Clean and Sanitized

You may think it goes without saying; after all, daily cleaning in the food business is an absolute must anyway. However, when you are facing a flying pest issue, you have to be incredibly thorough with cleaning procedures, often performing tasks more than once a day. For example, you should be changing donut and pastry trays regularly and sweeping away any small sugar bits or sprinkles that fall into hidden cracks.

Check Out the Seals on Display Case Doors

The seals that are fitted around the doors of your pastry cases are the most crucial point of deterring pests in your bakery display cases. Check to make sure that when doors are closed, there are no small gaps at all and all rubber seals are closing any cracks and crevices. If you find any damage or downfalls, have a maintenance technician come and install new and more efficient seals.

Utilize Natural Pest Control Methods

You may not be able to spray bug killer in your display cases because of the food inside, but there are a few natural remedies you can use to trap any pests that make it inside. For example, apple cider vinegar can be used to trap pests in small glass jars and you can even buy pest strips that are made with natural honey that act as glue traps.

Be Careful with Lighting Choices

Flying gnats and insects are naturally attracted to heat. You may have to have lighting in your display cases, but lighting that radiates heat will easily attract more bugs. Switch out your existing bulbs with cool-burning varieties, such as LEDs, which offer bright radiance to illuminate your product. 

No matter how delectable your product may appear when it is laid out on display in a bakery showcase, if the display is swarming with gnats, most customers will lose their appetite. Talk to a commercial pest control agent, like those from Pestco Inc, for more tips and tricks to help eliminate flying pest issues in your bakery.