2 Things You Can Do To Handle Termites

28 August 2015
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Termites are not just annoying pests; over time, they can cause serious damage to the wood in your home that requires repair. Killing termites is a task that should be undertaken as soon as possible so you can preserve the integrity of your house. Here are some things you can do to handle termites if you see them on your property.

Get Rid of Wooden Mulch and Stumps

Wood contains cellulose, which is the primary food of termites. Therefore, the first thing to do when trying to address a termite problem is to stop giving them food to eat.  While your house needs to stay where it is, it is important to remove other sources of food. If you have been using wooden mulch in your garden or around the bushes in your yard, it is a good idea to collect it and dispose of it. The same is true of any tree stumps you have on your property; have them removed.

Once you have gotten rid of mulch and stumps, you might consider putting down some diatomaceous earth. Although this nontoxic substance may not do much if termites are already in your home, it might prevent infestation.  You may wish to put some diatomaceous earth along the perimeter of your home as well.

Try Nematodes

Nematodes are parasitic, microscopic worms that will latch on to termites and over time reduce their numbers. They burrow into the termites, using them as hosts to live off of, and the termites die within about 24 to 48 hours. It is not even the nematodes themselves that sicken the termites; nematodes travel with symbiotic bacteria that is toxic to insects like termites. These organisms are not harmful to people or pets, so you need not worry they will bother you.

Nematodes can be bought at home improvement and hardware stores. Most of the time they are part of a spray solution. Follow the directions of the commercial product you buy to make sure you disperse the nematodes as the manufacturer suggests; most of the time the instructions involve spraying an area where you see termites or know them to be.

Use the information in this article to help you handle termites on your own. However, to ensure that your termite problem doesn't become more serious, get in touch with a pest control expert like Freedom Pest Solutions who can help you get rid of your termites as soon as possible.