4 Indications You Have Bed Bugs

25 February 2016
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If you have recently visited a hotel that was infested with bed bugs, you may be concerned as to whether or not you brought the pests back home with you. Bed bugs can easily be transported on suitcases, clothing or even shoelaces. Once an infestation has been identified, it is best to have it eradicated as quickly as possible by a professional exterminator. Here are a few signs that may indicate you have a bed bug problem:

Tiny Brown Bugs

General Inspection

Bedbugs, which are generally about the size of an apple seed, are flat, reddish-brown bugs. They can sometimes be found beneath the mattress or along the bedpost of an infected bed.

If you find a bed bug, try to place the bug in a small sealable sandwich bag so that its identity can be confirmed by a pest control specialist.

Detection Devices

You can attract the bugs using a special trap. Bed bug detection devices include substances, such as carbon dioxide or other chemicals, to lure bedbugs. Once the bugs enter, the devices capture the bugs. Although it may take a couple of weeks for a bed bug to be captured, if you suspect an infestation, leave the trap in place.

Using Mattress Encasements

A mattress encasement completely covers a mattress or box spring. When you use an encasement, you eliminate a primary bed bug hiding place. Without an encasement, a mattress or box spring has too many crevices for the average person to properly inspect for bed bugs.

Red, Itchy Bites

If you are noticing red, itchy bites or welts on your skin, they could be from bed bugs. A bed bug usually feeds on its human host as the host sleeps at night. The bed bug is attracted to the carbon dioxide that is released from the host as the person sleeps. Once the bug is full, it will detach from the host and go back into hiding.

If you notice bites of an unidentifiable origin that were not present when you went to bed, a bed bug may be a likely culprit, especially if you have recently visited a location that was infested.

Small Red Spots on Your Sheets or Pajamas

If you notice small red stains on your sheets or pajamas, they could be blood stains. A small amount of blood may still escape the bite wound after the bed bug has detached.

Black spots on your sheets or mattress

Small black or brown spots on your mattress or sheets may be caused by bed bug feces. The fecal stains are not red or burgundy like blood, because the feces only contains digested material.

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