3 Signs You Might Have Bed Bugs

19 May 2016
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Bed bugs seem to be making a huge comeback. More places are ending up with bed bug infestations, and it can be very easy to get a bed bug infestation of your own. For example, your child could bring them home from a friend's house, or you could bring them home from a hotel. How can you tell that you have a bed bug infestation?

Red Rash

If you have bed bugs, one sign that you have bed bugs is that you have a red rash-like set of bumps on your body. The bites or rash may be in straight lines or zigzags. These bites will generally show up more on the arms and shoulders. However, it's easy to confuse bed bug bites with the bites from other bugs, and not all people will react to the bed bug bite. So while this is a sign that you have bed bugs, it's one that you might not see. 

Musty Smell

If your room starts to smell like you left a damp towel, then you might have bed bugs. That odor comes from something called pheromones. Those pheromones are a way for the bed bugs to communicate with each other and attract more bed bugs. You won't necessarily smell it when you only have a few bed bugs, but as the colonies grow, the odor will start to get stronger, especially when you are laying in bed. 

Rust-colored Spots

If you see rust-colored spots on your bed, especially around the edges of your bed under the cording on the edge of your mattress, that's another sign that you have bed bugs. You may not see the signs on your sheet, so you will need to look on your mattress. When you are looking for those spots at the edge of your mattress, you can also look to see if you see any of the shed exoskeletons that the bugs leave behind when they molt. Each bug will molt several times as they grow. As the colony gets bigger, there will be more exoskeletons left over. 

If you're sure that you have bed bugs, or you just think that you might, you need to have a professional bed bug removal company come and take care of it. The exterminator will be able to tell you if you have bed bugs and let you know what options you have to get rid of them.