How to Get Rid of a Hornets' Nest in Your Home

11 July 2016
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Hornets are aggressive and painful stingers, which makes them unwanted guests in many homes. To prevent hornets from building a home in your compound, call in a pest-control service to regularly fumigate bushes and hedges around your home.

You can also discourage hornets from setting up nests in your home by trimming overhanging branches and filling up holes and cracks in walls, air-conditioner ports, and ventilation ducts. If you already have a hornets' nest in your home, read on to learn how you can safely remove it. 

Wear protective clothing

A hornet's sting contains strong venom that can be harmful to humans, so be sure to wear protective clothing before setting out to locate the nest. Wear leather coveralls over your normal clothing, and put on rubber or leather gloves and heavy boots.

Be sure to secure the pant cuffs to the boots using masking tape and to tuck your sleeves into the gloves as well, as hornets can creep into your protective clothing through tiny gaps. Next, wear  a beekeeper's hat with a veil to protect your face, neck, and shoulders from stings while allowing you to see the nest clearly. The hat and veil should also be secured firmly to your clothing.

Locate the nest and use correct timing

Once you are safely dressed, you can proceed to locate the nest. Hornets' nests are typically located under trees, bushes, rafters, and windows. The nests are usually made of mud and resemble an upside-down beehive. 

Once you have located the nest, mark it by hanging a strip of white clothing near it so you can easily locate it later. Never attempt to invade the nest during the day, as the hornets will be most active then. The best time to attack is at late evening or at night when the hornets are least active. Hornets also have poor vision in limited light, which will reduce their chances of attacking you or escaping. 

Spray insecticide

Using a strong insecticide that can handle hornets is usually the most effective way to kill a hornet colony. Be sure to keep your distance and wear a respirator to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes. Next, spray the insecticide inside the nest entrance several times until you soak the entire nest to ensure the chemicals and fumes are enough to eliminate the entire colony and kill any returning hornets. 

If you aren't up to the task of removing a hornets' nest or are allergic to their stings, you are better off arranging a professional nest treatment to eliminate the risk of getting stung. Call a company such as Select Pest Control to help you.