How To Rid Your Home Of Dust Mites

26 July 2016
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Dust mites are annoying little critters that can cause a major headache in your home. Not only can these pests have a detrimental effect on your sleep by constantly biting, dust mites can also trigger a range of allergic reactions such as itching, nasal congestion and breathing difficulties.

Because they can breed in virtually any location where dust accumulates, dust mites can be very difficult to eliminate. Calling in a pest control service to exterminate them would probably be the best strategy to get rid of dust mites. However, here is look of several measures you can take to neutralize their threat. 

Get rid of curtains, cushions, and soft furnishings

Curtains, fabric cushions and soft furnishings are a dust mite's paradise, as they tend to soak up a lot of dust. By replacing your curtains with plastic or wooden blinds and exchanging fabric cushions with leather ones, you can reduce the amount of dust accumulating in your house and thus potential breeding grounds for dust mites.

You should also consider trading fabric couches/armchairs, especially in the bedroom, with artificial leather versions. If your cushions, carpets and soft furnishings really have to stay, be sure to steam clean them occasionally. You can also use a steam cleaner on other surfaces that might trap dust such as bathroom floors, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. 

Replace carpets with hardwood floors 

Another effective way of drastically reducing breeding areas for dust mites is to rid your home of carpets and replace them with hard floors. Carpets are notorious for trapping dust and pet dander that offer nourishment and a home to dust mites, and removing them eliminates arguably their most fertile breeding ground.

Alternatively, you can have your carpets vacuumed every day or so to prevent dust accumulation in the fibers and use carpet cleaners to eliminate the mites. However, you will eventually have to steam clean the carpets to effectively kill the mites.

Clean your bedding

The best way to keep those annoying dust mites out of your bed is to have your bedding dry-cleaned regularly. You can also put your sheets in a tumbler dryer and run them through a spin-cycle to fully dry them.

For your mattress, you can use a steam cleaner to kill mites hidden inside and then invest in a mattress protector that you can easily clean. Finally, make it a habit to air your bed cover and duvet every day so as to eliminate the moist conditions dust mites love. 

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