Three Pest Control And Prevention Tips

19 October 2016
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Insects can be a serious problem for homeowners to have to address. In addition to the nuisances that they can cause, these pests can also cause injuries, spread disease, and damage your property. Sadly, it can be common for homeowners to lack much of the awareness or information needed to successfully reduce these pests. To help you with this task, you will want to be mindful of the following pest prevention tips.

Take Steps To Reduce The Mosquito Population

Mosquitoes can be among the more problematic summertime pests, as they can cause irritating bites and transmit disease. Sadly, many homeowners are unaware of the steps that they can take to prevent mosquitoes from using their property to breed. In particular, you will want to make sure that there is no standing water on your property. While this may seem simple, many people will overlook checking their gutters and drains. If the gutters on your roof or drains for your driveway become clogged, they can create ideal conditions for mosquitoes to breed. By keeping the gutters and drains clean, you will be able to deprive mosquitoes of these convenient breeding spots.

Regularly Deodorize Your Garbage Bin

The garbage bin can be one of the primary targets for insects and other pests. This should not be surprising given the intense odors that can come from these containers. In order to prevent your garbage bin from becoming a magnet to pests, you will want to deodorize it every week. When performing this maintenance, you should thoroughly rinse out the interior of the garbage bin before applying a thin coating of ammonia. The ammonia will help to sanitize the interior of the garbage bin while also masking odors.

Close Any Exterior Gaps In Your Home

As a home ages, it can be possible for it to start to develop cracks and other small gaps in its exterior. These may not seem like major problems, but these openings can provide insects with a path into your home's interior. Once these pests are able to get between the walls of your home, they may be far more difficult to eliminate. For this reason, you will want to regularly inspect the exterior of your home for these openings. When you find these openings, you will usually be able to use caulk to seal minor openings. Major gaps will likely require professional repairs as there may be hidden damage that will need to be repaired to prevent the gap from returning once it is sealed.

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