Fight Mice By Blocking Off Their Route into Your Home

27 October 2016
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If you have a problem with mice getting into your home, you need to cut off their access to your home. Mice sneak into your home through small openings that you probably don't even notice. One of the best ways to stop the mice problem in your home is by sealing up the holes inside of your home so that mice can no longer gain easy access to your home.

#1: Check Carefully for Holes

First, you need to check carefully around your home for holes. Keep in mind that a mouse can squeeze through a very small hole and that when mice are young, they can make it through even smaller openings, so you need to pay attention to every small opening that you find.

Take a pad of sticky notes with you as you check your home carefully for holes. Place a sticky note on top of every hole that you find; this will make it easier for you to go back and deal with the hole later.

You are most likely going to find holes near the baseboard of your home, where the flooring meets the walls in your home. You are also likely to find holes near where the plumbing and electrical wires enter into your home. Also, be sure to check around the cupboards, as there could be gaps between the cupboards and the wall and floor.

#2: Fill the Holes

Second, you need to fill in the holes with material that will be difficult for mice to eat through. This will make it difficult for the mice to make a nest if they get into your walls another way. Fill the inside of the holes with either copper or steal scouring pads; completely stuff the area with these pads and glue them in place if necessary. Mice cannot eat through metal; copper and steal scouring pads make a great, inexpensive barrier.

#3: Cover Up the Holes

Finally, you need to cover up the holes. How you cover up the holes depends upon the size of the hole. If the hole is relatively tiny, you can most likely fill it with caulking. Use a caulking gun to fill up the hole, and smooth it over so that the caulking is even with the wall. Check the caulking patch after a few days; caulking can shrink, so you may need to reapply the caulking more than once to properly cover up the hole.

If the hole is large, you will need to purchase a patch for the wall. You will place the patch over the hole and then use a hardening compound to attach the patch to the wall. Once the patch and the hardening compound have dried, use some sandpaper to sand the area down and make it smooth again.

By filling in and covering up all the holes inside of your home, you should make it a little tougher for mice to get inside. When the weather is nice, you are going to want to walk around the outside of your home and repeat this process again. If you fill up all entry points both inside and outside of your home, your home will no longer be an easy target for the mice to call home. 

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