Taking Action Against Bed Bugs: What To Do When Dealing With These Pests

2 February 2017
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Have you recently found bed bugs in your home? You may have never expected to see these pests living in your home, especially if you keep each room as clean as possible. However, many people do not realize that bed bugs will find places to live in cluttered homes as well as clean and spotless homes because they are only attracted to blood and have no interest in leftover food crumbs or garbage.

Living with these bugs can cause a lot of frustration for you. After spotting one or two of them in your home, you may now constantly feel itchy and have a difficult time falling asleep simply because you are worried about having them crawl on your skin. If you want to get back to enjoying your sleep without the stress, taking the proper pest control steps is crucial. The female bed bugs can easily lay a dozen eggs in one day, so it is best to act quickly instead of waiting to see if the problem goes away on its own.

Starting Treatment on Your Own: Use Diatomaceous Earth on Floors and Crevices

If you would like to start treating at home while waiting for a pest control specialist to get to your home, you can start by using an extremely light coating of Diatomaceous Earth. It contains silica that helps to kill bed bugs by dehydrating them. These bugs may begin drying out shortly after coming into contact with this powder substance. You only need a small amount off the powder to do the job. Make sure to wear gloves and apply the product using a powder applicator. Focus solely on areas of the floor that connect to the walls because bed bugs often like to hide out in those areas, especially if you have carpet.

Bringing in the Experts to Help With the Battle: Using the Best Professional Pest Control Options

While the Diatomaceous Earth is something you can apply yourself while trying to remove these pests from your property, you will need more than just that to defeat these stubborn bugs. They multiply quickly and are challenging to get rid of, so hiring a pest control expert to help with this battle is a must. The pest control expert will recommend that you wash your belongings in hot water and then dry them for 30-60 minutes or until those items are completely dry.

After you have washed your belongings, the pest control expert may need to use a steam treatment on furniture and mattresses to kill any bed bugs that are present. Aside from a thorough steam treatment, pesticides are often used on the floors and walls of each room in the home. You can talk to the expert about the types of pesticides he or she is planning to use and learn more about their success rates.

Most people would never expect to find bed bugs in their home. However, even if you have found just one, taking the right steps is so important. There are ways to rid the home of these annoying and unwanted pests, but it will take diligence and assistance from a pest control professional, like one from Canady's Termite & Pest Control.