Two Ways To Prevent Wasps And Hornets From Taking Up Residence

8 August 2018
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While honey bees are great and do all kinds of things like pollinate plants and create honey, not all beelike insects are great. For example, there are wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets. They are pretty much big jerks. They tend to be more aggressive than honey bees are and are much more likely to sting you. All that means that you don't want to have them hanging around your house. There are things that you can do that will help to get rid of any of the big flying jerks around your house and prevent any wasps or hornets from taking up residence. Check out these two tips you can consider today.

Get Rid of Stumps

You may think that the old stump in your front room looks all scenic and picturesque, but the fact is that it makes the perfect place for wasps and hornets to create a nest to settle down and raise their little babies. So, one way to make sure that you aren't putting up a for-rent sign is to get rid of that stump. There are a variety of ways that you can get rid of that stump. No matter which way you choose to get rid of the stump, just make sure that you have the entire area filled in with dirt so you aren't leaving any holes where hornets and wasps could burrow in to create another nest. 

Plug Up Holes

Stinging insects don't need to have a huge hole in order to create their nest. Even a little hole will let them in between your exterior and interior walls or into your attic. Those can be ideal housing areas for all those stinging jerks because they would be safe and protected. Nothing would be able to get to the hornets or wasps and destroy their nests or larvae. Everything would be protected from the weather as well. So, if you aren't looking for wasps or hornets for roommates, then you are going to want to look around and see if you have any holes in your walls or roof. There are various ways you can close them off, including using caulk to seal them up. 

If you are worried about wasps and hornets flying around your house, then you may want to call a pest control company come in, help you with the extermination process, and prevent any further pest contamination in your home.