Three Pivotal Control Steps to Take After Finding Termites on Your Property

31 October 2018
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If there are a lot of wooden structures around your property, the last thing you want to find is a termite. One termite generally means hundreds more. Before they have the chance to cause destruction in and around your home, you need to take these control steps. 

Eliminate Moisture-Prone Areas

In order for termites to survive, they need water. You can take this essential element away, which will prevent more termites from spreading on your property.

Examine your property for areas that are potentially building up water. Make sure your gutter downspouts are properly pointed away from your property so water doesn't build against your home's foundation. 

Remove buckets and containers that could collect water outside when it rains. In terms of your home's interior, you need to make sure there is proper ventilation. Otherwise, moisture will build up and attract termites. Also, check to see if any faucets and pipes are leaking. If they are, you need to have them repaired immediately. 

Secure Outside Wooden Objects 

Termites are destructive little insects that feed on wood. That's why it's so important to take this source of food away from them, which you can do pretty effectively when you secure wooden objects that are on the outside of your home.

Look around to see what wooden objects need to be picked up. It may be left-over firewood, used pallets, or old wooden furniture. Whatever wooden items you find outside, they'll need to be relocated to a safe and secure area that termites can't reach. Insulated sheds and garages work great. Just make sure the area is inhabitable for termites.

Hire a Professional Exterminator  

Once you've taken the appropriate measures of preventing more termites from gathering around your property, it's best to call a termite exterminator. These professionals have a lot of experience and specialized equipment to neutralized your termite infestation quickly and effectively.

They'll administer bait to attract termites in and kill them upon contact pretty quickly. Once the initial population is addressed, they'll set out repellents to keep more termites at bay throughout the year. Just note that you may need to have multiple treatments applied for optimal results. 

Termites may be small, but they're quite destructive. So that they don't cause you a lot of unnecessary stress, make sure you take the correct control tactics. With understanding, proactivity, and help from professionals, these insects will no longer be a real threat to your home.