3 Tips For Fighting A Black Widow Infestation

9 January 2019
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Though any type of spider infestation is cause for alarm, it's especially disturbing to find that your home is infested with black widow spiders. The black widow spider is a poisonous species, easily identified by the signature red hourglass on its abdomen.

Though black widows are beneficial for the environment thanks to the large amount of insects that they eat, you don't want them around your home. Follow these tips to successfully end a black widow infestation.

1. Eliminate Their Hiding Spots

Black widow spiders love to reside in areas that offer some type of protection, such as under a pile of stones or a mountain of wood. When they make their way inside your home, they're drawn to the same dark hiding places. Tackle your infestation by removing areas that make an attractive home. 

For example, if your property has lots of yard debris, clean this debris up. If you have a stack of firewood, make sure that it is neatly stacked and placed in a sunny area away from your home. When possible, store it off the ground.

Make sure that you keep all bushes and trees trimmed and promptly remove the trimmings. Mow your yard regularly, and if possible, bag the grass clippings. 

Basements, garages, and cellars are all interior spaces attractive to black windows. Check that these areas are free of clutter and receive regular cleanings. 

2. Remove Their Spider Webs

Black widows usually make their webs relatively close to the ground. The webs tend to have an erratic shape. You want to remove any and all spider webs that you see around your home or inside your home.

It's possible to remove knock these webs down manually (while wearing protective clothing and gloves). Another option is to use a vacuum with a hose attachment to vacuum up the webs.

Always use a vacuum with a bag to keep the spiders from escaping. In addition to the spider webs, you can also vacuum up spiders and egg sacs. When you are done, carefully remove the vacuum bag and place it in a garbage bag. Make sure to tie the garbage bag before permanently disposing of it. 

3. Call an Exterminator 

Even when you try to rid your property of spots suitable for a black widow, it's possible that there are still a few locales for spiders to make their home. Call spider pest control to treat these problematic areas.

Your pest control specialist will spray both the interior and exterior of your home to keep spiders away. If you have kids or pets, they can suggest pesticide practices that will ward off spiders without putting your family in danger. 

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